What is an inclusive playground?

An inclusive playground is one which children of all abilities can access and play together. 

Does inclusion and access refer to children in wheelchairs?

Traditionally, making a playground accessible meant adding features like ramps so children using wheelchairs or other mobility devices could access the playground. At Variety, we believe in going beyond ADA standards and addressing difference types of disabilities. We are designing for children with all types of challenges, interests, and abilities.

What type of abilities do you consider when designing the playground?

The playground will address children with mobility issues, sensory issues, or emotional, cognitive, or developmental disabilities, by offering accessible equipment, sensory play, and creative play elements. 

What is sensory play and why is it important?

In Georgia, up to 16% of children are affected with a sensory processing disorder. Sensory play elements include activities that stimulate children's senses:touch, smell, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Children develop skills necessary to engage, change, and impact the community around them.

When will the playground be built?

We are in the conceptual planning phase of the playground design and finalizing play structures based on the community response and land structure. We are currently in a capital fundraising plan to raise the funds for the playground. 

How can we donate, sponsor, or contribute to the inclusive playground?

Please visit our ways to give section and contact us to find out more information.