About Us

Variety-the Children's Charity of Georgia

Our mission is to enrich, improve, and fulfill the lives of children living with disabilities and disadvantages. The purpose of Variety Children’s Charity of Georgia is to meet the needs of children and foster independence and inclusion. From funding wheelchairs, adaptive stroller and bicycles, to providing specialized medical devices and learning tools, we have given children the freedom to move and play.

Since 1928, Variety has raised over $1.8 billion worldwide to aid our very special children. Following the tradition of the founders of the first Tent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 80% of the members of Tent 21 currently are from the Motion Picture Industry, though membership is open to all who care about children. These men and women raise the much-needed funds to help children in the state of Georgia. The money raised in our community stays in our community, and our primary goal is to provide support wherever the need is greatest.


Variety of Georgia has four signature programs serving children with special needs in our community. The Future Kids Program provides access to learning tools for children with disadvantages or disabilities to support these children in reaching their full potential. The Freedom Program provides access to mobility for children to be free to live, laugh, and learn though donations of equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, van adaptive car seats, and therapeutic mobility bicycles. The Inclusive All Abilities Playground projects works to provide a sensory-rich environment that enables children to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. This program creates playground that are accessible to children or adults in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues. 

Click above to visit Variety's Main website.

Click above to visit Variety's Main website.